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Jack’s riveting memoir encourages his generation to approach their pursuits, whatever they may be, with an attitude of determination and gumption. Whether giving advice or admitting to personal shortcomings and failures, Jack’s story remains engaging and motivational as he shares his experiences of bullying, depression, rejection, and ultimately international success. Jack shows how the curiosity and perseverance of one teenager could potentially save the lives of millions of people. Breakthrough empowers its audience with the knowledge that the power to change the world is within each and every one of us, if only we have the courage to realize our full potential.
Do-it-yourself science experiments created by Jack are included in each chapter, making this perfect for STEM education.

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"[N]ot only interesting, but beautifully honest…Jack’s life unfurls with the…realities of growing up that, at times, conflict with identity and awareness, self- esteem, and self-worth [and] are openly shared with the reader. Andraka is certainly an inspiration beyond his generation."

USA Today

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